Send The Light Product Stocking Philosophy

Send The Light is a ministry that attempts to serve the reading, listening and teaching needs of the diverse Body of Christ.

There is but one Body, there are also many members with varying needs and Biblical interpretations. Therefore, not always knowing what may benefit a believer or further the Kingdom, we seek to carry a wide variety of religious, inspirational and even theologically neutral products (e.g., many children's titles and reference works).

Some members of the Body (including our own employees) may strongly disagree with some of the items we carry, but we will not intentionally carry any item that is patently anti-Christian in its authorship or its message. We agree with the often quoted 17th century tract written by theologian Rupertus Meldenius which says, "In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity."

From the President

On March 16, 2012 the leaders of the STL Division of Biblica completed a Management Buyout (MBO) of the division and expanded our name to "Send The Light Distribution". This was the original name George Verwer used to describe the literature distribution arm he formed at Operation Mobilization in 1957. Verwer converted to Christianity while a high school student in Ramsey, NJ. After attending a Billy Graham rally in Madison Square Garden in 1954, Verwer became known for leaving appropriate Christian literature with everyone he evangelized.

In the 55 years since 1957 our organization has been through several ownership changes, but our mission has remained constant: "To advance the Christian faith and carry out the Great Commission through the effective distribution of Scripture-based and wholesome media."

Our primary customers are bricks and mortar retailers in North America, but we also send scores of containers of discount Bibles and books overseas through our Great Value Books division. Our fastest growing customers use the internet as their showroom and our warehouse as their backroom, and we also have a growing number of Churches making products available to their members.

We actively stock 70,000 of the most desired Christian products and have the largest single source selection of Bibles, home school, and church supplies. We purchase from over 500 vendors and ship to more than 10,000 locations with more than 90% of the orders arriving in 2-3 days. Our distribution facility in Tennessee has six million cubic feet of space and ships more than 25,000 Bibles and Testaments per day.

We have a talented management team with hundreds of years of experience in serving the Christian supply chain. And in today's rapidly changing marketplace, we also learn new ways to improve every day. If you ever find that we're "missing the boat" in our desire to serve you well, please call and ask for Sherry in Customer Service. If you need to speak to an owner, we would be more than happy to listen.

Our goal is to become your one-stop shopping source for all things Christian. Our name "Send The Light" is our mission, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come!

Glenn Bailey
President and CEO
Send The Light

Send The Light Timeline

Send The Light Distribution has roots that date back to the early 1950s with ministry, publishing, and distribution. Over the past 10 years Send The Light has experienced several mergers and name changes. The below timeline below outlines one of the largest Christian Distributors in the world.

1809 New York Bible Society is founded. New York Bible Society later changes its name to International Bible Society [IBS]. Primary focus is to distribute Bibles to immigrants in New York City.
1954 After a housewife, Dorthea Clapp, prays for 15 years for the students at Ramsey High School in Ramsey, NJ to be saved and take the gospel to the ends of the earth, 16-year-old George Verwer attends a Billy Graham meeting at Madison Square Garden in New York City and is saved. With permission from his principal, Verwer gives out 1,000 copies of the Gospel of John to fellow students and within a year, leads over 200 students to Christ.
1957 "Send The Light" first appears in literature sent from Chicago to Mexico, under the direction of George Verwer, who later establishes Operation Mobilisation [OM].
1974 Appalachian Bible Co. is founded in Johnson City, Tennessee.
1987 Appalachian Bible Co. doubles its space and distribution capacity by purchasing a larger building, moving from a primarily regional distributor to a worldwide distributor.
1992 International Bible Society [IBS] merges with Living Bibles International
1993 OM releases STL [Send The Light] to operate as a separate organization to focus on publishing and distributing Christian literature.
2001 Appalachian Bible Co. expands and opens a west coast warehouse facility.
2003 STL UK moves into the American market by acquiring OM_Literature and Great Value Books [GVB].
2005 STL US acquires Appalachian Bible Co. making it the largest Christian Distributor in North America.
2007 IBS merges with STL resulting in the largest non-profit book distribution company in the world, calling itself IBS-STL Global.
2009 IBS-STL Global unveils their new name Biblica.
2012 Manager Buyout (MBO) completed on March 16th